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Platinum Cookies Live Resin by Viola Extracts

Written by Eric H

The instant you pop open Viola Extracts signature silver grey bottle it becomes quite clear that you’re in for a treat. The aroma billows out, even while the gram of terpene-rich sugar oil is enclosed in its clear container; unscrewing the cap and taking a whiff feels like diving face first into a sea of Platinum Cookies flowers. The smell is just the beginning, one look at the glistening pool of terpy goodness makes your assumption that much more apparent, this product is something extraordinary.

At first glance the product looks like a chunky liquid, but once prodded with a dabber its true crystallized honey texture is revealed. Lightly scraping at the jelly congealing at the sides of the jar lets you pull individual THC crystals out of their gooey terpene bath. As the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding”, and your first dab will make your taste buds convulse in ecstasy.

The whole delicious gram

The whole delicious gram

The vapor hits your pallet and you’re soaring past the exosphere on a delectable cloud of terpenoids.  Exceptionally rich and bold, the flavors coat your mouth in sweet, fruity terpy goodness. Everything I’ve tried from Viola has been top notch, but this Platinum Cookies live resin sets the bar quite a bit higher. You can tell the quality of the in-house grown flowers that were put into this concentrate, and it’s even more obvious how much supreme details was put into the extraction itself.


An extreme close-up of a nice glob of the live resin highlighting the sugary gooey texture

An extreme close-up of a nice glob of the live resin highlighting the sugary gooey texture

When properly heated Violas live resin sizzles and bubbles for a ridiculous amount of time, you might even have to pass the piece to a buddy on this one. And you best be watching your dosage as this jam packs a hefty punch. I’ve blabbed on about the value of terpene content over raw THC amount in a cannabis concentrate, the way it really emphasizes the individual effects and highs of different strains. Platinum Cookies is a particularly oily phenotype of the classic and controversial Girl Scout Cookies that is known for it’s pain relieving, mood lifting, and  potent psychoactive qualities. Viola Extracts has carefully taken everything that makes PC such a great strain and distilled it for your ease of enjoyment.

Taking all of these wonderful aspects into consideration makes the higher-than-average price point of the gram seem quite reasonable. If you’re lucky enough to find one before it flies off the shelf, make sure to pick it up, as Viola is packing out the terps.



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